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How To Create Designs For Face Painting

How To Create Designs For Face Painting

Creating designs for facepainting can be very simple using an egg-shaped blank face and coloring them in with pencil. Here is how you can design your very own facepainting designs at home.

Hello. My name is Kat Sinclair. I am a Professional Face Painter.

I've been painting for eight years. I am going to show you some tips and tricks for doing your own face painting at home. I am going to show you how to create your own designs for face painting.

This is a design that I created for someone whose birthday was very special, she was thirty years old and she asked me to do a design based on the peacock and turn it into a butterfly. I started off by finding a picture of a real peacock and this is the sketch I made from that and then I drew a butterfly based on the peacock's colors. I already know where to put the parts of the butterfly on the face.

I start off with drawing the eye and I know this bit is going to be on those with that going up onto the forehead and I know that will go to the lower cheek and that will be above the eye there. But I wasn't happy with that, so I drew another design to see how it'd look as a full face. Again, those are the eyes and there's the nose and then I drew the rest of the peacock around it, then I tried to make it more of a butterfly shape by incorporating the eye of the feather of the peacock.

And then my final design, I used slightly different colors because the client had asked for a bit more of a purple and blue peacock, so I dropped the green out of it and added gold to make it a bit more special for her birthday. What I do when I'm designing is sometimes, I only draw half the face because it's going to be symmetrical and I can do the same thing on the other side when it comes to actually painting the face. So, when I start drawing a design, I start off with just a blank face.

I just draw an egg shape and add eyes, nose and mouth. And then I get some pencils and I color in the face and try and decide what I'm going to do. So, I'm going to show you some pictures.

These are all pictures that I've designed myself. This is what I show to children when I'm doing their faces and they can look through this book and choose their own designs and I don't need to cut out pictures from any other books because they're all in here. So, they're all done exactly the same way: just draw the basic face and then color it in to show what the design's going to look like.

So, here's some Halloween designs and some more boy's designs and some animal designs and some more animals and then some girl's designs at the end. So, these are all designs that I've come up with myself and that's how to design faces for facepainting. .