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How To Create Drop Down Lists In Excel

How To Create Drop Down Lists In Excel

How To Create Drop Down Lists In Excel: If you want to improve your expertise in Excel and want to win over your colleagues by creating smart spreadsheets, then this video is exactly the one for you as it has all the tips and tricks to create drop down lists in Excel.

Hi, my name is Ghamza Jacobs. I am an IT trainer with New Horizons in London. I am here to show you a couple of cool little tips and tricks on Windows 7 and Office 2010.

How to create a drop down list in excel? Drop down lists are quite an easy way to enter data in Microsoft excel. A very easy way to create drop down lists that anyone can select from is to use what we call data validation within Microsoft excel. The trick to this is to either have your data separate in a separate sort of area as separate range within excel.

We can then point our validation to this area and it will pick the contents up. Let's have a quick look. If I, let's say I had a couple of people, click the country names or division names wrong over there.

So a couple of them, well, I've been getting this totally wrong. What I want to do is ensure that they always get the name right by using a drop down list. So we are going to select the range, I would like to place my drop down list on.

Maybe go one extra so we could have one in there. I didn't go to data. So data at the top, data validation.

When I click on data validation over here, you will get a nice message box that pops up prompting you for three options. Now, not going to go into this in too much detail. All we're going to do is we're going to say allow list only.

Now, remember I did my selection over here, that's quite important. Because any action I am going to take is going to be taken against my selected range. Then say allow list, my source is these four cells over here.

Now there is a couple of ways to do this, you could either select the cells as I am doing over here. I could even enter the values straight over there. I would show you how to enter in a minute, this is my farther based method.

Because you could link it to a range of cells, and put those cells far at the bottom of your sheet or on the sides where no one could see them. So I am selecting the four cells, click okay. Immediately what happens, I now get the option to select, to change.

For example, I could add it to the bottom here, select Great Britain. I wanted to go next to that, I don't have a drop down list here. Let's have a quick look, I go back to once again, data validation.

Allow a list, now instead of selecting the cells, what I am going to do right now is I am going to go art, and the comma will separate every entry, children's, science, lets add these three to that. Click okay, now give the option for art, children's history. These two options of course within the data validation, either you type the source out separated by a comma or you select the range from a group of cells.

That was how to create a drop down list in Microsoft excel.