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How To Create Iron On Transfer Patterns

How To Create Iron On Transfer Patterns

watch this video and you will see how to create iron on trasfer patterns. Learn how to create designs using different softwares suggested by the tutor. Watch how you can create rhinestone patterns and even learn how your children can creat t-shirt that you can print off. it's fun and can be a bond strengthening experience.

Now I'll be teaching you how to choose iron on transfer patterns. There are many different things that you can print off such as portraits, family pictures, you can even add or customize family portraits. You can add your name underneath the picture or you can also print out designs you made personally or something which is quite popular is kids making designs on the computer and then parents printing off the designs and applying it on the kids t-shirt which seems to be quite popular.

I'll give you a little example of what things you can do I'm using a basic paint software here, you can use different software and there are many software's out there which gives you different features and help you with your design. Now, I'll show you how to make a few sample designs for t-shirts. Coming back to kids making their own designs, I can give you an example of what you can have your child do.

They can make a simple stick figure of themselves, their mother, and their family members. Now you have your design ready, you can simply press print and print this design using a transfer paper. You can also make rhinestone transfers.

With this method you need to makes circles going over the design, once you have completed your design you can print that out on a normal A4 paper. You don't need to use the transfer paper. Once you have then printed the design you can now place the stones over the little circles that you have made.

I will now show you an example. I'm just going to use a normal letter A here for example. Make a circle of 2.

5 mmx2.5 mm. once you have your one circle design ready, you can copy and paste this design and trace over the letter.

Now this design is ready to be printed on a normal A4 paper. Here is one I did earlier on, as you can see it's got all different shapes and sizes of hearts, all you have to do now is place Mylar paper, place it on top, the sticky side facing up and now you can get your rhinestones and you can place them individually on the sticky paper. You can simply trace around any design.

Any different heart, and you can use different colors and that will give your design a different effect. And these are all the different ways you can create iron on transfer patterns. Hope you enjoyed our little demonstration.

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