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How To Create N Gauge Model Railway Scenery

How To Create N Gauge Model Railway Scenery

It's really interesting to see how one can make model sceneries. There are so many things that can be used to make the models.

I'm going to show you how to do a bit of N Gauge scenery. Here, it's a different techniques for different scales obviously if you'd do in O gauge, you'd be putting down a different sort of material. I'm using this Woodland Scenics Coarse Turf and I've got two different colors, one which is burnt grass, and I'm putting a little bit of that in.

Obviously, if you're doing a big area, you'd want to put a lot in and then I've got a different color which is a light green color. So, I'm just putting both of those different. They're coarse turfs, they are not actually called, I think we've got fine turf which is grass but it's not, it doesn't look as good so.

just shaking those two up together so you've got a different mix of colors there.

Now, I've got some PVA glue which is water soluble. What you've got to bear in mind with PVA glue is when you put it down and if it gets wet again, it's going to turn back into glue. You could use this wood glue which is weather-proof but only on places which are going to get wet again.

So, I'm just mixing a little bit of water with the PVA there like that and I've got an area here which I'm just going to make into a sort of undergrowth. It's not a meadow or anything like that so you've got to scatter like that and you've got the glue area and you literally just put that down on there and press it in, all in. Well, basically, once you've put all the scatter down and it's dried on there, some bits of it are going to fall off.

What you need to do is get some hairspray. If you can get some that doesn't smell of anything, it doesn't matter if it does, it just means that your model will smell like a girl's hair. You don't want to get it on to the track so I'm just going to mask off that track area, spray a little bit of that on there and it's blowing off the excess but once that's dried, that will not come off anymore.

So, you stuck it on with the PVA but then it's also being held with the hairspray. If you want to create hedges like there are here, there are various different techniques. This you can get coarse turf but it will also come in a bigger solid lump like this which can be literally just broken down, torn apart and stuck on.

And you've got this stuff which is another woodland scenics and this is called foliation. It is sort of a big lump which you can cut a little bit off like this, cut it to whatever shape you require and if you just pull it out a bit, I find that it's really for N gauge to little bit off scale but that doesn't really matter but it's good for covering areas which basically look like under growth. So, you can see here in this area here which is just about finished the foliar just been added.

This was built with this sort of not rock paper mache, hills and some paper has been painted look like rock formations and these are little trees. Make sure that you bury in the colors are little bit because nature isn't completely uniform and then if you add in a few of these little details sort of pick up and literate the scale of the thing. And that's how to create N Gauge Model Railway Scenery. .