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How To Create Prom Updo Hairstyles

How To Create Prom Updo Hairstyles

There are so many ways to style your hair for a prom or a formal dinner functions. Here is an easy instructional video to show you how to create an elegant updo hairstyle at home.

I am going to create an updo hairstyle for your prom. First of all, you need to prep your hair no matter what you do, so make sure the hair is really cleaned and conditioned first. And what I've decided to do today is to get more body into the hair and movement.

So first, we set the hair in rollers or you can use irons to try to twist the coil in there. What we're going to do is section off the back of the hair from one ear right across to the other side to the other ear, sort of an arc shape through hair. When you're working with doing your hair up, it's best to work one section at a time by not trying to grab it a whole lot.

What we're going to do first is just really lightly back brush the root area, not too much but we just want to get a little bit of volume in this part here and then at the end, we can just slightly brush the top. What I am going to do is create a ponytail behind one of the ears. You can use the left or right ear, depends on which one you want.

This is a really good look if you are wearing a dress that's asymmetrical, so you can have the hair going to one side as well. So we're going to use a hair tie. Grip that around.

Using a hair tie is great because that means it is going to be really secure, and you know that it will last a lot longer. Once I've got the ponytail in place, I am going to use a lot of serum on the hair just to give it ultimate shine. Just use your fingers.

What we are going to do is just loosely grab the curls and going to pin them in individually. You are going to create fullness behind the right ear. So, that is where I am going to start the rest of the hair up from.

Once we have got this in place, the rest is really easy. You just take the next set of section that we're going to work from this area first. It's best to try to use your fingers.

If your sections are more rough like this, more of a zigzag, your hair will look more natural and you won't have strong partings in the hair, and it's a lot better look. Make sure it has got a lot of serum on the ends as well. I am using the caviar serum for wrap and repair spray because you can spray it on rather than applying it with your hand and you can get an even application.

We're going to put that underneath. So what we have done is taken sections of hair and we have pulled it over to the side. For each section, just remember, we don't use a comb or anything.

Just use your fingers. The more uneven the sections are, the better the result. You can't see any defined sections in there.

Just pull everything to the side of the hair, behind the ear and you create a nice sort of fullness on one side. And that's my look for a prom hairdo. .