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How To Create Silk Flower Arrangements

How To Create Silk Flower Arrangements

Peonies, lavenders, delphiniums - even if they are silk flowers or artificial flowers, you can still make a fresh display out of them. This video has just the tips you need.

This is a silk flower arrangement using a selection of blending colours and a beautiful pot. This container or vase has got such a lovely texture and a touch of pink that reflects through and that's why I've chosen to use burgundy flowers which create that length. When you're doing silk flower arrangements, it's always a good idea to have some foliage to start.

Use fewer flowers and this often gives a more natural appearance. I often use fresh foliage with flowers and when I'm working in a large area and the flowers seem at a distance, no one will ever know. So to start, I'm going to use what is the equivalent or the artificial or the faux bear grass.

If you got a long stem, let me show you an example, this delphinium, it's best not to actually cut the stem because then you're left with a short flower. If there's a possibility, bend it and then place it in. It also creates a structure for adding the other flowers.

But here, I'm going to start with this bear grass and I'm going to put them in and when you're doing vase arrangements, its proportion is what is important, that the volume of flowers to that of your container is one and a half to one and on the conventional traditional style. I call it classic, and so these, with their ends bent, pop them in. Once I've got that stretch in, I've got lavender and I think this lavender is very realistic looking.

I like it and it's on what we call a pick, so that there's various flowers coming from that one central pick and we just put those in. I'm trying to get the volume one and a half to one so they are giving a good structure for my principal flowers which come in at the end. So, silk flower arranging really is very easy.

Do remember to take the labels off because that will give away the fact that they're not straight from the garden. So, there we are - structure, foliage, and in fact, you could leave it like that. I think that's got a charm of its own.

But I've got these lovely peonies here and these peonies are a very good quality but they give that round form and if you start mixing your flowers, you really do need to include at least one round form. I'm going to try and get away by not cutting it. I might have to but let's try and see.

So, push it down into the vase and you just need a few. I'm now going to add delphinium. When you're arranging artificial flowers, it's always a good idea to do the ones that are in season together so you find that the lavender, the peonies and delphiniums have all been flowered at the same time and it just makes it more realistic.

It really makes the flowers happier because they are most comfortable together. I've added my delphinium and a point to remember is why I like the grasses. It flows over the rim and softens.

It makes it easier rather than having stems of flowers rising out of the center of the vase. And then, I'm going to add a few of these. Now, these are artificial but they're actually made out of paper and I thought that this pink would just lift the arrangement.

The choice is yours. Perhaps one day, you have it like this, then the next day, you add a few flowers with different tonal view and then you just pop it in to give a little different effect. Now, I'm going to place those in.

They've doubled over, so if they're too short, I can just stem them, and they do bend really easily. You want to pull them put and just like that and tweak them a little bit and the leaves as well. You can make them three-dimensional just by pulling them out and playing with them.

And then, I just take them in and take them down into the arrangement, one, two and my third one. See, it's a little bit squashed but how easily it just opens out and look so much fresher and better. So, there you have a very quick silk flower display for summer. .