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How To Create Silk Flower Wreaths

How To Create Silk Flower Wreaths

A rustic wreath with silk flowers can add an interesting and charming appeal inside your house. If you are into flower arranging, this is a very simple design to make which you can hang for a long time.

I'm going to show you how to make a wreath using silk flowers and it's very very simple. What I like to start with is a charming rustic base because when you use silk flowers, you will be leaving part of the wreath exposed. So, if you've got something with a good texture and an interesting detailing on it, all so much the better.

The first thing you need to do when creating wreaths design is to create a hanging. And for this, I like to use a bindwire product from Oasis which is really really good and if you don't have this product which is actually raffia-covered wire, just use garden twine in green or in brown and this is great, most especially the string, because string has got a smooth texture and it slips. But this is just great.

So, I'm going to use the bindwire and a length by this, not too much, but always measure where you're going to hang it and then get the appropriate hang that you require. You can either take, for extra security, over the entire wreath and then just knot. This is the joy of using the bindwire because it doesn't slip so it's very resting in place.

So, like that, and then make a loop of the appropriate size. So, that is very simple. Once that's in place, you can start and assess your silk flowers and it's very important that you choose the right shapes.

A wreath is a circular form and therefore, it's very important to have some of the flowers on this wreath that also have a circular form. Hydrangeas are great. I've just cut this one, ready to go, but I want to show you how to cut.

Ideally, you need a pair of wire cutters. But if you haven't got them, what I do so that you don't destroy your scissors is to take the scissors and to cut through the plastic that surrounds the wire stem. I like to cut it not too short because then, you've got the possibility of using these silk flowers in another design, perhaps at a later point.

So, I take and I go round the stem and I cut the plastic and then just with the hands, manipulate it, bend it a few times and it will break off and that's very easy to use. Now, I need 3 or 5 of these round strong forms to give uniformity and I place them at regular intervals. We're going to tuck them in.

Now, this takes just a little bit of time but if you've got leaves, do leave them on because they do add interest and you'll notice the stem that I've cut, we've got 2 leaves left on it. That costs money, not a good idea to throw them away. So, we're going to take the leaves off and add those into the design and tuck it down.

Now, if you wanted to, and it's often a good idea to actually use a glue gun and to glue these in position, then you should and they're going to stay nice and firm. But it's not essential. You can tuck it in like this and then, of course, you can use it again in another design.

But don't throw away because they really are useful. And this is one I did earlier. Place it equidistant, so 1, 2, 3, and see how easily that just goes through into the reef.

And then, we're going to take a third one and frame the flowers by the foliage. Another good thing about using the leaves, let me just show you. Rather than placing them on the wreath flat, manipulate them so they've got a little bit of movement and look much more natural.

So, tuck that one in there and then get the third hydrangea and this time, I'm going to show you by how to use the wire cutters and just go in there – now, that was easy – and place it through into the wreath. Now, there is one tip I'd like to say to you here. When you've got a strong round shape, keep it centrally on to the wreath.

If you place so that the eye is going out to the wreath, it always disturbs the eye. The eye goes off looking instead of being contained within the wreath itself and within the circle. So, the next thing, I'm going to add the last 2 leaves, manipulate it, put it in, get that movement and rhythm, and add extra interest and tuck that one in there, one last leaf to go.