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How To Create Tie Dye Patterns

How To Create Tie Dye Patterns

Here are a couple of tricks on how to tie dye patterns on any garment.

Hi, I'm Turguy Mustafa. I do garment dyeing for the last 26 years for Prestige Fashion Dyers and today I will be giving you some tips about tie dye and garment dyeing. So, this is a garment washed.

If a customer wants a camouflage effect, we will actually look at the effect and see how we can dye it up. So, we will actually, for a camouflage, crunch the garment in anyway and try and achieve like a ball and then first of all, we will tie an elastic band on there, not very tight but just to hold it in place so we can work with it better. And then we will actually put a couple of elastic bands on the garment in different angles so the end result would look like, roughly, a ball.

Well, we actually put about 5 or maybe 6 elastic bands on here just in case some of the elastic bands break in the machine so we don't lose the design. And this is the way a camouflage is done. So, this is how to achieve a snake effect tie dye.

What we'll actually do is we'll hold the garment, if it's a trousers or a top, whatever it is, and we'll try and pinch it in a zigzag way so when you're tying it up, one part is probably lower than the other and what you will actually do is you will tie that up here like this and then do the same on this side, in a zigzag way and that way, do the same here as well, and again, these elastic bands have to be really tight. And when you actually dye this - or if it's a jean, bleach it - you will actually have a snake effect. .