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How To Crip Walk Step By Step

How To Crip Walk Step By Step

When you crip walk, you have to make sure you make use of your heels and toes and form a V step going back and forth. This video shows you how.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to crip walk step by step. Now, crip walking is a footwork style. Here is why the crip's going in the USA in the 70's, but since then, it's become quite commercial style of dancing.

It's got to do with your feet. Now, today, I'm going to show you the basic V step which is the common move that you'd put between other moves and also slightly advanced on that the V step back. So, the V step is what it says, making V shapes with your feet.

So, we start with our feet together. You lift your heels off the floor and pushing them to the side, so you're making a V with the point in the front. If I break down the second step, you've got to move out onto your heel on the left so that your left toe is pointing out and you're going to keep your balance, contain your right heel in so you're still making a V shape.

So, we try that again. You lift your heels off, you're pushing them out so you've got an inside V. Then you put your left heel and your right toe, try to keep your balance so you got your toes pointing out into a V and then you reverse to come back.

So, this one comes in and the other one comes back out so you're back in the inside V. But the idea is step 2, you do together, so step 1 is what we showed you and then step 2, you need to hit it at the same time, come back to step 1. So you can keep doing it on one side or you can do it on the other, just to break it down quickly.

Taking your right foot on the heel and your left foot on a toe so you're still making a V shape, reverse it to come back so you could repeat each side which is the V step. The more advanced version is the V step back. There are other versions.

We can do this one today. So rather than just going into a plain V like we did there, we're going to take the left foot because that keeps this side, but step back behind with the right foot and then come back to step 1. Okay, just to repeat, you start with step 1, you're coming out on the toe and stepping behind at the same time, back to the V, so we've got this.

So, it's the V step back or the same on the other side. So you're taking your right heel out and stepping behind on the left foot so if we did it at the same time, we've got an inside V and outside V, in, out. And you could do this same on each side.

That's the V step back. So to summarize, start with the inside V so your toes are together and then an outside V so your toes are pointing out, but make sure you're on one heel and one toe and do the same one inside. And to make it more advanced, what you're doing is rather than the outside V, you're going for the inside one, stepping behind, inside one, stepping behind.

And that's how to crip walk step by step. .