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How To Crochet A Bracelet

How To Crochet A Bracelet

There are a lot of things you can make in crochet aside from doilies! In this step by step guide Bee Clinch, crochet and craft tutor at Makedomenders, shows you how to make a beaded bracelet in crochet.

You Will Need

  • 1 needle
  • 4 mm pony beads, in 3 colours
  • no. 5 crochet pearl thread
  • 1 plastic bag, with a hole in the corner
  • 1.75 crochet hook
  • elastic


Thread the 3 colours of beads onto the yarn in sequence, using the needle. The number of beads you use is dependent on how long you want the rope or bracelet to be. Place the yarn and the beads in the bag, threaded out the bottom.

Set up the crochet with a slipknot onto the hook. Take the first 6 beads and push them up the yarn. Taking the first bead, make a chain relatively loosely around it. Bring up the next bead and make another chain; continue making chains around the first 6 beads. You will see the row of chains run along the backs of the beads.

Put the hook underneath your first colour, and flip it with your right forefinger ever to the right hand side. Bring up the next bead on the thread, and pushing that to the right, slip stitch the bead on. Continue in the same way, bringing up a new bead of the same colour each time.

There are other patterns you can make with more complex beading sequences.

Thread an elastic cord through the centre of the rope to keep the elasticity of the bracelet.