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How To Crochet A Snowman

How To Crochet A Snowman

Craft Mastery brings you a very simple project for VideoJug users learning to knit. Learn how to create a Snowman as a toy or as a decoration for your Christmas tree.

Step 1: Start to Crochet

We are going to do a little project for young Nicola, who is always looking for surprises. I'm going to make a snowman starting with four chains joining to form a circle and then we're going to work some double crochet into the circle to start the head.

Step 2: Head

After I've gone 'round the circle I'm going to join the top, putting a slip stitch through, doing one chain and starting the next row. We shape the head by increasing and decreasing in our stitches.

To start the crochet process, we have started and continued around the head structure. Then, going through the forward, we will see how we've shaped the head.

Step 3: Body

We've already got the head shaped by increasing, and working straight. By decreasing this crochet technique for the neck, and then increase it again for the start of the snowman's body.

This is what he's going to look like in the end.

Step 4: Snowman Accessories

After you've likely stuffed his body and his head, added his little hat, his scarf, a broomstick, embroidered eyes, a nose, mouth, buttons.

Step 5: Snowman

You can use this newly crocheted snowman as a toy to play with, or, as Christmas is coming up, I'm sure she'd be very happy if we hang him up on the Christmas tree for Christmas.

And that's how to crochet a snowman