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How To Crochet Baby Blankets

How To Crochet Baby Blankets

In this video, a knitwear designer shows her expertise on how to crochet baby blankets. It would be a very crafty and lovely personal gift to your baby.

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to crochet a baby blanket. To crochet a baby blanket, you will need a crochet hook, and yarn of your choice. Please note that I am holding on to the base of the slip knot to anchor my slip stitch.

I will then go under my working yarn which is wrapped around the index finger of my left hand, and I will hook it on to my crochet hook. Now, I must be turning my crochet hook downward because this will help me to slip this loop through my slipknot effortlessly. That is one change stitch.

I am going to repeat this as many times as I need the stitches. It is easy to determine the width of your baby blanket; you simply need to make as many chain stitches as you need to reach the desired length. Then, you produce one extra chain stitch.

Then, we are going to create the first row of single crochet stitches. This is done like this, I am going to insert my crochet hook into the second stitch from the stitch which is currently on the crochet hook. Please note, the way I am holding my chain stitch reveals the little spine stitches along the middle and the back.

This is the front of my crochet chain. You can see very clear stitches there. When I turn this around, the back of the crochet chain is revealed and you can see a spine of stitches running along the middle of the chain.

This is where I will be inserting my crochet hook. When I reach the end of my row, I will make an extra crochet chain and then turn my work around, underneath the chain stitch of the previous row making sure that I go under both threads. I grab my yarn, bring it through and create a new crochet stitch.

When this is done, I am going to turn my work around. Now, we are ready to work the second row of our crochet single stitch. Because it is different now, we have created one row and we have very nice neat row of chain.

We are actually going into this chain to anchor our single stitches. It works like this, I am going to go underneath both parts of the chain stitch, I am going to pull the yarn underneath. Now, I have two stitches on the crochet hook.

I then go and draw another loop from my working yarn and I bring it through both stitches on the crochet hook. That is your single crochet stitch. So, I am going to repeat that as many times as there are stitches in my row.

We will draw the last stitch until it is quite big; big enough to pass our ball of working yarn through it. To determine the size of the crochet hook, you will be using, you will need to check the tag which come switch your ball of yarn. This is normally indicated on the tag, with the label showing the needed needle or crochet hook size to work with this particular yarn.

This is how you crochet a baby blanket.