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How To Cuddle

How To Cuddle

Gimme a hug! Hugging and cuddling are the best things you can do with your clothes on. This film is about classic hugging, moving on to cuddle variations that you can try with your partner. If you have any other suggestions on how to hug or how to cuddle, please let us know!

Step 1: The classic cuddle

Here is a classic cuddle. The basics of cuddling and hugging are obvious but there are all sorts of stylistic cuddling add-ons which you can try out, just to love them a little bit more.

Step 2: The extended classic cuddle

This is an extra long version of the classic cuddle. Just relax into it, clear your mind and enjoy the feeling of hugging someone who thinks you are pretty cool. Cuddling does not require all your attention. Your mind can be busy doing other things while you are cuddling- thinking about your favourite things. If you are feeling a little more lively, you can mix up the extended classic with a rub or a squeeze, or a little tickle.

Step 3: The classic romantic

This hug is for emotional reunions. At a fair distance from your beloved, shout their name, open your arms, adopt a look on your face that says 'I've longed for this moment' and run towards your partner.
You may have seen this cuddle in films- where it usually plays out in slow-motion. Videojug suggests you try and slow it down too, as at normal speed this isn't a cuddle - it's a rugby tackle, or a wrestling move, or a total miss.

Step 4: The bear hug

The bear-hug is a red-blooded embrace designed to wrap your partner up in the fullness of your love. To perform this hug, grab your partner just like a bear does an unlucky hunter. Now squeeze... tighter.... no, tighter than that .... that's the way. Did you feel their vertebrae crack yet? No, Yes! Now you have loved them enough. Let them slump to the sofa, gently.

Step 5: The couch potato

The best thing about this cuddle is that you never have to take your eyes of the telly. Couples need to develop their own bespoke versions of the couch potato cuddle, which is a finely tuned synchronisation of bodies and cushions to minimise tension points and muscle fatigue. TOP TIP- before you assume this position, have a good assortment of snacks and drinks very close at hand- perhaps with some inventive delivery system so you can make the cuddle last all evening.

Step 6: The piggy back

When their back is turned, jump on it. Ride them like a pony. Now make annoying love noises- coo to them, kiss their neck. Now demand whatever it is you want- take away pizza, a marriage proposal- before you agree to get off. How can they be angry, you were only being sweet?

Step 7: The drape

One of you has been out at work, shopping or the pub. They struggle through the door, and drop their briefcase, shopping bag or inebriated buddy, before collapsing, or 'draping' themselves into the waiting arms of their partner. This cuddle is usually brief, as it involves the drapee supporting all of the draper's weight for the whole of the cuddle. So how successful this is depends on how pleased the drapee is to see their partner....