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How To Cure Mortons Neuroma

How To Cure Mortons Neuroma

In this Videojug film, Morton's neuroma is discussed. A qualified chiropodist/podiatrist explains what it is, how it is caused and various treatment options that are available to treat it.

Hello, I'm Charles Goldman, a qualified chiropodist/podiatrist. I run The Foot Pad Chiropody and Physical Therapy Clinic in Holborn, Central London. Today, I'm going to talk to you about various foot problems and their treatments.

In this video we're going to discuss the treatment of Morton's neuroma. We'll first define the terms. A neuroma is a swelling on a nerve.

A Morton's neuroma is a significant nerve that supplies the toes of the foot, and it occurs between the third and fourth metatarsal, where the nerves divide to supply the toes. This is often caused by pressure from shoes, footwear and structural problems. The nerve swells at this point and causes extreme pain.

The way we test for it is squeezing the foot together. If you hear a click, that is obviously significant, that tells you that you have a Morton's neuroma. The way to treat it is to reduce the inflammation.

This is by massage, ultrasound and often a cortisone injection. If these don't work, you can have a surgical procedure where they cut the swollen nerve out. If this doesn't work, you can have a surgical treatment where they remove part of the swollen nerve.

This is obviously quite drastic and should only be a last resort. Massage and ultrasound often help, but if it is far gone, that is the only treatment. So, it is worth seeking medical advice straight away.

This is the way we recommended you treat Morton's neuroma. .