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How To Cure Overlapping Toes

How To Cure Overlapping Toes

This video is a help guide to cure overlapping Toes. A common problem Dr. Charles Goldman guides you through several helpful hints, tips and details.

Hi, I'm Charles Goldman, a qualified chiropodist podiatrist. I run the Foot Pad chiropody and physical therapy clinic in Holbein, Central London. Today, I am going to talk to you about various foot problems and their treatment.

In this video, I am going to discuss how to treat overlapping toes. The first thing we have to determine is what had caused it. If it is a simple problem like ill-fitting shoes, then that is easier to treat.

If it is caused by an intrinsic structural problem, for example Metatarsal Valgus, which is a twisting of the tibia, basically that needs surgical intervention. The initial problem is to get the toes separate, and this can be achieved by using various toe spreaders, separators, props etcetera. These should only be applied after consulting a professional chiropodist or podiatrist or GP.

The other problem needs to be resolved by a surgical orthopedic surgeon and has to be dealt with in a hospital. The problem can also be helped by using arch supports and other surgical appliances which need to be used with discretion obviously since they can cause more damage. Obviously, we have to determine that the toes are not fixed or rigid, otherwise using an appliance can cause further damage, it could even break the toes.

So it does need an examination by a professional. Once we have determined what the cause is, we can than use these appliances to help straighten the toes. They can be off the shelf devices if it is a minor overlap, or they can be custom maid by silicon if you need a stronger device.

And this is just some advice to help you treat an overlapping toe. .