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How To Cure Vitiligo

How To Cure Vitiligo

The video is medically informative about vitiligo that seems to be a mystery disease in medical research and exploring about the possible ways to cure this disease which affects all people irrespective of ages either young or old and this video gives valuable information to people who are affected. Specialized treatments are being mentioned and very affirmative in treatment.

I am here today to talk to you about how to get rid of vitiligo. It is very very hard to get rid of it actually.

It is an autoimmune disease whereby the skin pigment containing cells are destroyed by the body's immune system. So no one knows exactly why. There is a therapy that catalyst, which is an enzyme is responsible for helping the cell death, so by replacing that catalyst some people think that will help recovery.

The onset of half the people with vitiligo tests be before the age of 20, but it can occur in old people. People tend to be generally well, but the thing is if you suspect vitiligo you need to be checked by a doctor for other autoimmune diseases such as pernicious anemia, diabetes, alopecia areata. If you have light skin, you may not notice that you got vitiligo, but in the summer as you tan those areas well tanned may become noticeable.

So you get irregular patches of lighter skin with no pigment at all in it. Because there is no pigment containing cells in those areas, you must protect those areas because they are prone to getting skin cancers because there is no protection against the sun; also you need to protect your skin against injury because often as the skin is healing it can be associated with new patches of vitiligo in those healing areas. So you can use cosmetic camouflage.

You can use self tanning creams. You can use also water resistant concealing makeup and MAC actually is a very good makeup that is water resistant and that is probably the simplest way of concealing the white patches. If you go to a dermatologist for more prominent treatments, he might give you some steroids to try and stimulate the cells to produce more pigment.

Sesderma gel, vitises gel and also vitises capsules - this has catalyst in it, which the efficiency of catalyze is linked to increased cell death of the pigment cells. So by replacing this enzyme, then that sometimes help the healing process. The dermatologist might also want to do some light treatment on you again by irritating the skin that might cause the patches to heal better.

So I hope this has been helpful in helping you cope with vitiligo a little bit better and thank you very much for watching.