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How To Curl Black Hair

How To Curl Black Hair

Trying to curl Afro-Carribean hair. Follow Andrew Jose's tips to ensure even curls every time.

Hello my name is Andrew Jose, of Andre Jose Salon on Charlotte Street, London. How should I curl Afro-Caribbean black hair? Today I am with Sunni, she's one of the senior stylists at the Andre Jose Salon in London and you are going to take us through. Now preparation is everything, is it not? Sunni, so you are going to start off with first of all little bit of gel like SOS leave-in conditioner so back away through the hair now.

Afro-Caribbean hair is generally very, very fine hair and is soft. It has to be prepared a little so what we have done is to soften the hair with a pre-relaxer which just makes it easier to flow dry into a smooth style, they concede the difference between the very tight curl which is just on the root and then the more natural and the smoother hair through here. So Sunni, you are an expert in this what is next step.

Okay we need the brush, ok here are three or four brushes to brush the hair, this is just to make the hair smooth, so, so combing with a better brush first and there are actually two different types. This is for the strong upper hair for different textures so really strong curly up hair and this one is for soft hair like her, she texturised before and there are hairs that are so quite thin and I am going to use this brush. Okay you start up, bottom the hair is really quite wet, is it not, so the key point is use a blower when it's completely wet because after the hair really dries fast, we've got water in the hair it goes really frees here, so take in sections about a centimeter, yes, centimeter or centimeter and half, okay in diameter and then really cutting in very, very tightly getting that root very smooth and then always keeping the try pointing down the hair shaft just too smooth so just have a look at this section and then we make a drop and have a look at the back when its finished so here we are at the final stages of the blow dry so the hair is pretty smooth like a way through like a straighter head serum and the SOS Leave-In conditioner which has prepped the hair beautifully you can see the thick shine through it.

Now the final stage is for Sunni to go through with a very tight piece of brush which we saw before which will really give that super gloss, super glass-like perfect finish for the afro Caribbean hair. Fantastic - let us have a look - beautiful.