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How To Curl Curly Hair

How To Curl Curly Hair

How To Curl Curly Hair: If you have curly hair you will know that sometimes it can be hard to tame frizz and make your curls look sleek and well defined. This video shows a simple method you can use to achieve beautiful smooth curls every time.

Hello. My name's Andrew Jose of Andrew Jose salon in Charlotte Street, London. How to curl naturally curly hair.

Now Maya's hair in it's naturally curly state you can see has a mixture of curls. It's got nice loose waves through the back and through the top has got a rather a frizzy undefined curl. So there's a very distinct way of getting the very best out of all naturally curly hair and the technique to dry it and to do it is exactly the same.

First divide the head in two, from crown to nape. Then subdivide your sections again dependent on how large you want your curl to be. In this case I'm going to take quite a wide section and comb down and then clip the hair away, so that you can see where it is that your going.

If you're doing this yourself you'll be using the hair, raking through and twisting. But this is if you can do it with the help of a friend. Again, take some 'J Life Perfect wave', put it onto the palm of your hand, and this technique is quite important, so there we have it a very light, runny liquid that's non sticky and will be absorbed by the hair.

You run it over the palms of your hands and you rake it through and you see that I subdivide that section immediately into three. Take one section out, take it through, wrap it around my finger and then just let that fall out. The hair is now smoothly controlled into its curl and then take the next section and repeat and you do this throughout the head.

You don't need to clip the hair away, you can simply allow the hair just to be left to dry like so. You repeat this section by section taking pieces like so and twisting until the whole head is de-frizzed. And then you allow the hair to dry naturally, or you can dry it with a diffuser, but for the best results allow it to dry naturally and you'll be left with perfect gleaming naturally curly hair. .