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How To Curl Hair With Rollers

How To Curl Hair With Rollers

Look your absolute best with this VideoJug film that will teach you how to get the soft, full curls using curlers!

Hi. I'm Edward Hayes. I'm a hairstylist at Andrew Jose Hair salon in London.

This is how to use hair rollers. Basically, there's certain amount of features that have to be taken into account. The size of the hair rollers you're using, for one is a major, because the size of the rollers you use is dependent on how tight the curl you want.

And also another thing you have to take into account is the clips that you may have to use to hold them in the hair. Another thing is the product that you're going to be using. I'm going to be using the JLife Booster.

That's going to give me a bit of hold. So, I'm just going to apply this now and I'll show you how to apply the rollers in the hair. So bear it in mind when you use this size roller, that's the size of the section you take.

So you need to pull on it. Get a lot of tension. Run the velcro roller up to the tips.

As you get there just bend -- hold the top -- bend it outwards and roll the roller in. As you do so, try and generally stay simple. And you hold it.

Now this is where you don't have to use the hairpin but it's better just to give it a bit more hold so the rollers don't fall off your head. Okay, and just roll it up the hair so you're smoothing it up. So the tips, bend the tips in.

Try and be as smooth with the way you're rolling the hair as possible and just try and be really tight. The tighter you get it, the more volume you're going to get also at the root. I would actually say after using the booster, I would be putting a bit of hairspray.

I'm actually going to put this under a hood dryer. But you, yourself, you can just walk around your house with this on your head for about twenty minutes, just letting it to set and cooling the hair. Okay, if you don't have a heater at home, you can just use a hair dryer, focusing on each section for around a minute with the hot heat and then reversing it to the cold heat after.

Or if not, just walk around with the rollers in your hair for twenty to twenty-five minutes. Try and be very careful when you're removing the net from the hair, the reason being it grips onto the hair. You don't actually have to use a net.

It's just nice if you have one at home. You can even use a bandana. It's a very soft hair set with the velcro rollers, as you can see.

Just a very subtle curl but a lot of height, a lot more fuller, thicker hair.