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How To Curl Hair With Straighteners

How To Curl Hair With Straighteners

Folica.com presents step by step instructions on curling hair with a hair straighteners and creating great and pretty bouncy curls. Watch with VideoJug to find out how.

Step 1: Place The Hair

Holding the iron at the end, I place my hair over the section and wrap my hair around the bottom plate. I gently close the plates, lightly gripping the hair.

Step 2: Move And Rotate

As I glide the iron down towards the end, I rotate outwards.

Step 3: Create Bigger Curls

For bigger curls, I take larger sections of hair and I use the same rotating motion.

Step 4: Start Lower Down

I don't start too close to the roots, because this creates too much volume near the top of my head, and the curls won't be soft and bouncy.

Step 5: Use Rounded Plates

You should use an iron with a rounded, beveled plate design to create the perfect curl.
If your iron doesn't have rounded plates, it will create unnatural dents in your hair.
The rounded plates are what give you the smooth, flowing curl.

Step 6: Try Again

If you don't get the curl right on the first try, don't worry! Just let the section you were working on cool down for a few minutes before you try it again.
Move on to the next section while you are waiting. The back of the head is the hardest, but keep trying; you'll get it.

Step 7: Continue The Process

I continue this process, moving throughout each section of my hair. It takes a little while to get the hang of creating curls with a flat iron, but with a little practice, you will achieve those perfect, bouncy, glamorous curls.