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How To Curl Short Hair

How To Curl Short Hair

How to curl short hair: This video gives you a step by step method of curling short hair without burning your scalp. It is easy enough for any one to attempt.

Hello, my name is Andrew Jose of Andrew Jose Salon in Charlotte Street, London. How to curl short hair? If you are using a curling iron then short hair can pose a particular problem for you because it is very hot and you are working very close to the skin. So the first rule is have the right equipment.

So have a small comb and your iron and a clip so you can get right in to the small parts of the hair that you want to curl. In this case I am going to concentrate on the front of the head. Now you notice that I come in to the hair and I keep making sure i am leaving a good half an inch away from the root of the hair.

I then can come in closer and place my comb close to the scalp and then bend and curl on to the comb. The comb protects the head from the heat of the curling iron that enables you to get a good full movement into the hair. I'll do one more section.

So this time I'm going to lift out through my fingers, again take the irons in, open slide through, grip the hair, put the comb in at the root, come in again, grip, twist, turn and come back to the scalp. So in, grip, turn and come to the scalp. The comb protecting at all times and this leaves even the shortest hair to have a bouncy curl quite close to the root. .