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How To Curl Thin Hair

How To Curl Thin Hair

In this video, James Blaquiere, a young talented unisex freelance hairdresser, is giving away secrets on how to curl and manage fine or thin hair.

I'm going to show you how to curl thin hair. This section here, you can see I've already done and that was with a variety of different foam rollers, you can see that, check that on a previous video shown on Videojug on "How to put Foam Curlers into your Hair". This section here, I'm going to do a different type of curl.

I'm going to use a straightening iron to get that curl. So, take your section, about two or two-and-a-half inches wide and not more than a centimetre deep and comb the hair through making sure there's no snags, little knots, anything like that. Once your satisfied, the hair has been combed through, tiny little bit of hairspray, and especially with fine hair, it's very important you don't put too much on because the hair would just crackle and become very, kind of, crinkly and it won't look or feel like a natural look, it will look very sort of false.

So, that is plenty. So, we just put that section on. Pull that through with your hands just to make sure you can't feel any hairspray through the hair.

Take your comb, comb that through, and then take your straightening iron or a flat iron and it's all in the wrists. So, holding your wrist like so, about an inch away from the root, turn the hair around the straightening iron, close the iron nice and tight. A bit like doing a ribbon on a Christmas present, pull it all the way to the bottom and twist.

Then let the curl form in a way it wants to fall, spring up like so and there you have quite a very springy different type of curl. Now, it's quite good to, especially with finer and thinner hair, to go that little bit more, sort of a stronger curl to begin with because the hair naturally will drop a bit and it would drop more so with finer or thinner hair so it's good to do this and probably do this an hour before you need to be going out and enough time for the curls to drop a little bit, but it's always a good idea to just go that little bit more substantial with the curl. And then if it's still a little bit too much of a springy curl, you can easily just make that a bit smoother.

So, I got a tiny little bit of wax on my finger there, tiny bit, rub that right into your hands, rub that in so it's evenly distributed and just pull that through, so you just loosely pull in the curl. You're still letting it behave in that curling you can see, there you go, so much more relaxed curl. So that is how to curl thin hair. .