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How To Curl Your Hair Without Heat

How To Curl Your Hair Without Heat

Curling your hair without heat is a good way to avoid damaging your hair. You just have to be patient and let it dry while putting in the rollers.

As you can see, I've already put four rollers in there. It's simple, you have to prep the hair first so wash the hair and then rough dry the hair off with a hair dryer so that the hair is about 75% dried off. You just want to leave it slightly damp.

If you have the hair too wet, it will take days to dry so you want to let the hair dry in the space of about few hours, three, four hours if you're not using heat. So, make sure the hair is just a little bit damp and then you prep the hair with a little bit of either setting lotion or you can use a blow drying cream or something like that. So, take a section, about an inch and a half, two inches wide with your tail comb, you're going about a centimeter and a half thick, just comb the hair through making sure you've got rid of any little split ends or knots, keeping the hair up at this angle.

When you're following the hair shape round when you come to the back pulling out of this angle but keeping attention there, your foam roller, it's a good idea to use slightly different size rollers so you get a kind of much more natural curl mixed up in the hair when you take it out. So, about halfway, wind the hair around and keep it in grip at the very end, twist the roller down. If you need to, your tail comb can just tuck any little ends up, out of the way like so and that's nice and tight, and once that's nice and tight, you can fold the roller up like so.

If you want to use the foam rollers without any heat at all, you probably need to allow up to three or four hours drying time. It's really important that the hair is not damp at all when you take it out. The hair needs to be bone dry so any dampness and the curls will just drop very, very quickly.

After you've finished, take all of the rollers out and you can just gently comb the curls through, just with your fingers or a very wide tooth comb, not a brush or anything like that as it will disturb the curls and then just a little bit of hair spray. And that is how to curl your hair without heat. .