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How To Cut A Fringe

How To Cut A Fringe

There are different kinds of fringes. Learning how to cut your fringe is very interesting and not too difficult if you have the right kind of professional scissors.

Today, I'm going to show you how to cut a fringe. So, first of all, I'm going to section my hair to ensure I'm only going to cut my fringe. Now, this depends on which fringe you want.

If you want a heavy fringe, you go further back. If you want a light fringe, then do your diamond further forward. So to do my fringe, I want quite a hard one.

I'll now show you different techniques in doing your fringe as well. Now, most people think that you just go straight across your fringe, like so, to cut a straight line. That isn't how you do it.

That way, you get one side longer than the other. You start in the center. Now, to have a fore fringe, again, just take a little bit off at a time.

If you take off too much, you can't put it back on. I'm just doing a blunt cutting straight across. This will give you like the 60's fringe.

Then take a piece from your center, take a piece to your side. So again, I've got some from the center, that's going to be my guideline to take me to my side. If I wanted my fringe not to be so blunt, I could actually point cut that.

So, fingers down and just hold your scissors in an upward direction and just snip into that line to just give you, there's another straight line, it will just soften the edge. If you want to pick your side to give you an arch way, what you do is get your sides on a slight angle, to my hands on a slight angle and just slowly again cut those sides up. Again, position your fingers and slowly cut those sides out.

If I want to soften my look, I could just lift look little up to actually layer it and point cut into it. And that will thin with that. Again, make sure you're using professional scissors which you can buy in your local chemists because you need a real nice sharp scissors to try to do a fringe or any hair dressing without professional scissors.

And then you can style. And that's how you cut a fringe. .