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How To Cut A Hair Piece

How To Cut A Hair Piece

Cutting hair is an artistic form of transforming a person from one look to another. You can do the same effect on human hair as well as wigs, and here is where you will learn to do so.

We're now going to change this wig. I'd like you to see it before we start. Any wig can be restyled.

A lot of people are frightened to restyle wigs, because there is always that scare that you're going to ruin it. But if you are a competent hair cutter, you have basic skills and there's basic pattern of how you approach cutting hair, you don't go and cut it excessively, you build your hair style gradually and the same things come, are applied when you style a wig. You have an idea of what you want to do, you discuss it naturally with your client and then having got that information, you then set about using your technique, your skill, and your ability to restyle a wig.

Now, Lisa is going to show you how to do just that. At the moment, Lisa is putting the points of the scissors into the hair. Altering the shape of it, we're going to lighten the top of the crown so that is not to similar to what it start out at.

But the skill we are using, as I said in the original statement, was that you can transfer your hairdressing skills into the skill of cutting a wig. There's obviously going to be this fear, you have to overcome this fear because this is a skill that you have to have and you need to have. When you first become a hairdresser, you have to get over this fear of spoiling someone's hair.

No one wants to spoil anyone's hair. No one wants to ruin a wig. Now, on the other hand, you have to adapt your confidence and your ability into doing precise jobs.

Once you've done it, you realize that it is easy to do, you can achieve these things and you can transform a wig quite easily, as you can transform a head of hair when you cut someone's hair, you take the raw material and you put it into a head of hair a creation. This is an artistic pursuit and it takes care, consideration, and also a study of features on a person's face. You don't cut hair without looking at the person you're working on because it is very essential to get the pointers that bring out the best of their features and enhance their appearance.

So, we have taken this wig from being a basic bob and now we are creating something else. You can create an asymmetrical style on the wig as you can on head of hair. You can have it short on one side and long on the other depending on the fashion of the time or the style that client would like to have.

We can supply wigs in human hair or synthetic hair. They can be changed according to what you want, if you want long hairstyle but obviously, once you cut the hair, you can't go back too long, which is quite obvious. But it does give us an awful lot of scope into changing.

When you work on human hair, you work on a product that can be styled under heat. A synthetic wig does not get styled under heat because you could damage the structure of the fiber. Human hair, on the other hand, can be, you can tong it, you can blow style it, you can put hot hair rollers on it, you can put it in roller and put it under a hair dryer.

There are some techniques of adding hair curl to synthetic hair but this is within the realms of a competent stylist who has been trained how to do it. But we usually steam curl hair to give it a bit of bounce and to change the structure of it. .