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How To Cut Drywall

How To Cut Drywall

This is a do it yourself video from Video Jug that demonstrates in a step by step tutorial on how to cut drywall. With handy tips on how to make the job of working with drywall a little easier.

I'm going to show you how to cut, shape drywall, or as it's alternatively known 'plaster board'. Effectively what we're going to do is we're going to drywall this side of our stud work, so again for the purposes of our studio this is a smaller scaled down version of a stud wall and we're going to plaster board from the centre line on here, to the floor on the underside here, then we're going to go from the centre line of this stud over to the outside of this stud.

Effectively meaning that when we put our next piece of plaster board up it will butt with enough fixing space, top and bottom.

Then on the plaster board we mark our lines. And using this Stanley knife, we're going to place a straight edge on the plaster board, lined up with our marks, holding on, two scores as deep as you can get them all the way through the plaster board. It's a case of just a tap on the back, breaks the plaster board and then running the knife all the way along the reverse of the plaster board until it cuts.

So this is the piece that we want.

All we need to do now is cut the bottom. Taking the knife again, trimming up the bottom and again just snapping it off.

Now one of the best tools to use with plaster board is a serf form, so if we end up; like I've done here 'purposefully', with a rather jagged edge, we can use a surf form, which effectively which is going to take off the roughness, and again if you're a couple of millimetres out you can surf form because you're not going to be able to get a decent cut under five millimetres. So sometimes a surf form is a very handy tool just to shape up the plaster board. The main edge; again because we want the plaster board butted very tight to one another we're just going to run the surf form along once or twice just to tidy up any impurities on the edge.

Then effectively all we're going to do now is offer the plaster board up to our stud work. And that's how you cut drywall.