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How To Cut Fabric

How To Cut Fabric

This video teaches the professional way to cut a fabric according to the pattern. This way, you can sew your clothes yourself with exact measurements.

Today, I show you how to cut fabric. I have here one piece where I can show you how the pattern looks before you cut it out. You see there are outlines and then each size has a different pattern of lines.

This gives you a nice idea of where you have to head towards. You see the pattern here, in this case, has a 20, 18, 16 and 14. You go along and cut out only in a particular size, all the way around.

For this, you take paper scissors. Never use your fabric scissors, because when you cut this paper, it gets out and this is not nice. You lay it out accordingly to the description the pattern company has given you.

You may have noticed that on every single little piece, there is a certain arrow, that's called a green line. It's very, very important that you put the pieces in the correct direction. The green line runs every time, the same, in the vertical line of the body, or also parallel to the salvage.

Here, we have the green line in this direction, so I'm putting it in this direction. When your pattern is laid out correctly, then you start pinning it. Make sure when you pin, you pin every time so the pin stays still on the pattern.

Step 4, now, would be the cut-out. You see that pattern and the paper lay nicely on the fabric and then you cut along the paper. Make sure that you don't put into the paper.

And that's how to cut fabric. .