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How To Cut Hair With Clippers

How To Cut Hair With Clippers

In a world where saving money is becoming more and more critical, learn to give yourself trendy stylish haircuts for a fraction of the cost of a hairdresser! This video details the 'clipper over comb' technique, in which a comb is used to guide the clippers as they do their magic.

Hi, I'm Costa Phouli at Rush, I'm part of the Rush artistic team, and I'm the manager at the NVT Academy. Today, I'm using a clipper-over-comb technique, starting at the sideburns first, putting my palm out slightly angular, and going through with the clippers to get all that hair away, to get more of a blend-through, too. Which one? This, not that.

Moving through to the back now, you can add all the hair on the bottom using the other side of my clippers. You still get a nice natural finish. So, you can use your clipper over comb as the hair grows out from the haircut, that you've usually had two, three weeks ago.

Still using the clippers, it's very important not to use this side of the clippers, use the other side, just because you don't take too much hair away, and you don't go too far up the hairline. You always still give it a nice, natural finish when the hair is still growing out from the last haircut. Still working through, doing the same side, work our way to the bottom as well.

Okay, a more natural finish, as the hair is still growing out. Return to my second side-burn area, still angling my comb, so as away from the hair, and clearing up my side-burn. Still keep that nice visual blend.

Right. And that's how you do clipper over comb. .