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How To Cut Jeans Into Shorts

How To Cut Jeans Into Shorts

In cutting your jeans into a pair of shorts, make sure you don't get them too long or too short.

I'm Rudy and I work for Sonofastag. Sonofastag works for different denim jeans brands around the world as consultants and has a store in London. We're going to show you how to look after your jeans and get the best from them.

I'm going to show you how to cut jeans into shorts. So after having to measure the actual length that you want to take a pair of jeans to, you would normally want the person to put them on then you pin them up. Make sure that they actually got, make sure when you pin them up that they got it on the waist where they want it some people wear them lower then others and that makes a big difference.

So after having measured the jean length, simply mark it across with the chalk and then allow your self a little extra length for the fold for the fold cause you need for it to be folded back up onto its self so be sure your one leg length off the jeans your going to cut. So having measured it, mark it, we actually take a pair of drape scissors and cut through keeping it still, make sure you have a marker on the other inside as well to clearly show you the fold where you want to take the jean to make sure it matches up on the other side. Which it does not so simply correct the mark, the chalk mark, we use a garmet chalk which fades away naturally or you can wash it away, it just fades away anyway.

So that's the second mark of the chalk mark and it matches up on both sides, so very simply then, we need to hem that, we're using a union special chain stitcher but it does not make any difference, you can use any sewing machine. Make sure the fold is there very clean, so you fold it back on to itself and use that first guide that we made once it's in place put it into the machine and make sure that guide is very neat if you're not used to sewing, it's much better that you use some spare material that you find to practice. But the main thing is the cut is right because that is something that you can not go back on, so if you're not sure perhaps, it is wise to leave an inch longer then you need because you can always go back in and redo that and take a little bit more off, so then finish off the hemming.

And that is how you make your jeans into a pair of shorts. .