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How To Cut Scissors Over Comb

How To Cut Scissors Over Comb

Professional hairdresser Nick Davis shows you how to perform the cutting technique; cut scissors over comb. Learn the cut scissors over comb technique with the help of this five minute video.

Hi, my name is Nick Davis from Simplicity Remastered and I am here to show you five basic cutting techniques. The next technique I am going to show you is scissors over comb. Scissors over comb is a way of using very little denture to cut the hair as close to the skin as possible.

We start off as the description says with the scissors being over the comb and we gradually scoop out as we cut as not to remove too much hair is a skill of controlling your scissors and comb at the same time with the same movement. When we cut, we cut against the growth pattern of the hair. This is so we can catch as much hair as possible and we can create a lovely even fade.

This technique can be used on any very short hair. When scissors over combing, it is important to take off as little hair as possible. This will guarantee that you control the shading and fading of the haircut.