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How To Cut Your Man's Hair

How To Cut Your Man's Hair

Wanting a well-groomed man is only natural. And taking care of him yourself can have many benefits.

Step 1: You will need

  • clean quiet space to work
  • sturdy chair
  • bed sheet
  • fine comb
  • handheld mirror
  • sharp scissors
  • hair clippers
  • spray bottle

Step 2: Prepare Your Man

Seat him in a sturdy chair and lay down the rules. He needs to sit and stay…still Tell your man to relax, you've got it all under control. Cover him with a sheet. If you really want to play barber shop you can buy a cape from beauty supply store, but we say, why spend the extra cash.

Step 3: Get him wet

Dampen his hair with a spray bottle. Wet hair is easier to work with.

Step 4: Know His Number

You should know your man's clipper number like his shirt size. Most clipper sets come with six guides. The lower the guide number, the shorter his hair will be. Use a six to keep a little length, a three or four for a classic cut, and a two for a close cut.

Step 5: Get A Grip

Hold the clippers firmly between your thumb and first two fingers. Your grip should be strong and steady, but comfortable. You don't need to squeeze or do anything fancy with this clippers. You might hurt someone.

Step 6: The Base Cut

Start at the base of the head and glide the clippers in a smooth motion to the crown of his head. Round the clippers up and out to finish that cut. Work around to the sides, always cutting upward and against the direction the hair is growing. Cut carefully around the ears.

Step 7: Trim The Top

Standing behind your man, comb his hair forward. Then take your comb and section along his hairline. Pull those hairs straight up and hold between your fingers. Have your honey take a peek and the mirror and let you know how much he'd like off the top...And snip. If you're nervous, cut just a bit at a time. You can always cut more if you need to.

Step 8: Blend, Blend, Blend

Gather the next section of hair with your comb. Use the already trimmed section as a guide and cut any hairs that stick up past that length. Continue sectioning and cutting the hair from front to back, always taking a bit of the previous section to show you where to cut.

Step 9: the finish

Now this is a bit more tricky…but you can handle it. Holding your comb at an angle comb the front and the sides of his hair. You should see a point. Now get rid of that thing. Continue to comb small sections of the hair, and trim off any points. Check for strays, just like your own stylist.