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How To Cut Your Own Bangs

How To Cut Your Own Bangs

Hair stylist Nic Davis shows you how to save money and trim your own bangs at home.

Step 1: Before you start

Make sure you have a decent comb, scissors, and a mirror. Always cut the hair when dry as it will spring up. Work with the hairline rather than against it.

Step 2: Fringe size

Work within the temple area. Don't go too far deep, otherwise the bangs will come across the side of your head.

Step 3: Cutting techniques

Use your comb to support the hair away from your eyes. Don't pull at the hair and work in manageable chunks, cutting across your bangs using the point of the scissors.

Step 4: Softening

Use a 'deep pointing' technique to soften the look, or if you have thick hair. Hold the hair and scissors vertical, and make deeper cuts into the bangs, removing only a couple of hairs with each snip.