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How To Dance Gangnam Style

How To Dance Gangnam Style

'Gangnam Style' is an instant K-Pop classic and Psy's dance moves already the stuff of legend. This video takes you step by step through all the choreography and moves in the music video. Learn to gallop, lasso, leg sweep, flick, shuffle, pop and pose Gangnam Style!

Step 1: The Gallop

Place your right hand over your left as if holding reins. Then step right, left, right, right, then left, right, left, left. Take a slight hop with each step to give the motion of galloping.

Step 2: The Gallop with Lasso

Place your left hand in front and your right hand up as if holding a lasso. Twirl your arm 8 times while doing the Gallop.

Step 3: The Lasso without Gallop

The dance also features the lasso without the gallop. First lasso for 4 counts with the Gallop, then lasso for 4 counts without the Gallop. Hold the final lasso for slightly longer.

Step 4: The Hip Flick with Foot Shuffle

Place your hands on your hips, flick your right leg out 4 times, using your hip to help you make the movement. After the 4th time, leave your leg out and then drag it slowly back to the center.

Step 5: The Stretch, Roll and Pop

Get into a lunge position, bounce 4 times. Then using your back leg, roll your hips twice. Then, pop your leg 3 times.

Step 6: The Chest and Arm Pop

Then do 3 chest pops and 3 chest and arm pops.

Step 7: The Pose

Finish by leaning to right, kicking out with your right leg and striking the pose. Put it all together.