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How To Dance Hip-Hop Like Justin Timberlake

How To Dance Hip-Hop Like Justin Timberlake

Hip-hop dancer Emmanuel Sonubi shows you to hip-hop like Justin Timberlake.

Hip-hop is a style of dance based on other forms such as jazz, modern and tap.

Point your right arm diagonally upwards as your left arm points down.

Crouch and bring the right arm to meet the left so both are pointing towards the floor.

Open up the body and bring the right hand round the front of the body.

Always hit the beat with sharp, purposeful movements.

Pivot on your right knee moving your right hand with your knee.

Lean to the left moving your body weight over your left leg.

Use the momentum of your own weight to spin around to the right on your right leg.

Finish the spin on the left leg.

Tap your right foot twice and spin it round and behind you.