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How To Dance Like Usher

How To Dance Like Usher

Here is your chance to show some smooth cool moves and get down on the dance floor. Learn how to master Hip Hop vibes, and finally look more USher than Candi Staton.

I am sure you are all kind of aware Usher is very much inspired by Michael Jackson. He has sort of taken a lot of those moves and sort of changed them up slightly and given it more of a Hip Hop feel. He does a lot of bouncing around and then shoves in a Michael move here and there.

Okay, he also has got some breakdance influences as well, so he has got like a couple of moves where he will go up, like so, maybe hold it up a bit longer, take it round and he sort of moves it all, sways it all in together. So, the first move I am going to take you through is a very sort of typically sort of Michael Jackson inspired move that Usher does. He will hold his hands up, this is the Usher influence of his move, this is his own creative interpretation, then he will bring in the Michael move which is to say he will bring the foot round in a smooth motion and carry on moving round - a lot of movement in the feet.

So bring those legs up, maybe pop it down and then bring in those Michael moves. So jump down, up, so I think the three key things with sort of the basic sort of Usher style, go home and look at a lot of Michael Jackson moves and then sort of, maybe, take the moves if you sort of select one of the other movies that I have just done which is How to do the Michael Jackson Sidewalk, take that move and fuse it with the Hip Hop that I have done and just make everything a lot bigger, a lot cooler, bouncier, a lot more fun, and just a lot bigger as well. When Michael Jackson does that move, it is a lot more contained, on the spot, whereas when Usher does it, he spreads it out and there is a lot more movement.

And that is the basics of how to dance like Usher. .