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How To Dance The Electric Slide

How To Dance The Electric Slide

The next time you go to the dance floor, you won't feel shy to show what you got, with these electric dance moves.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to do the electric slide which is the signature dance from the electric moves of the 80's. It's a simple dance in which you face each wall. So, we are going to break it down.

The first step, we move two steps to the right, step together. Step right, and right, and, now, to the left, left, and, left, and, switch your body slightly to the right. Take it back with the right foot first.

Step, and, step, and, so put your feet pretty together. Slip on the left, touch your right, so it's close together. Step back.

Touch with your left. Take one step forward, scoop and then start again. So, right, touch, right.

So, breaking down the steps one more time, step one to the left, two to the right. Step three, turn and go back. Step four, touch to the front.

Five, touch to the back. And step six is a step on the left, scoop and turn it around to the next walk. And start again, facing your left.

And summary of how to do the electric slide, first step, two walks to the right, second step, two walks to the left, turn to your right. Third step, two walks back, full step, touch forward, fifth step, touch back, and the last step, scoop your right leg, turn 90 degrees to your left. And that's how to do the electric slide. .