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How To Date A Twin

How To Date A Twin

Dating an identical twin adds a lot more complication to an otherwise ordinary relationship. While some parents of twins can barely tell them apart, how will you manage? Will you become attracted to both twins? It can lead to some very awkward moments, to say the least. We reveal some interesting research and give great tips on how to handle being in a relationship with an identical twin.

Step 1: Mark Your Territory

If you have trouble telling your man apart from his twin, make him stand out. A necklace or hat works just fine. If he won't cooperate, focus on a feature. Twins, no matter how similar, invariably have differences, some subtle, like a birthmark, some not so subtle.

Step 2: Third Wheel

Twins have a special bond. Research shows when one twin falls in love, he feels guilty for abandoning his bro. Which means you'll feel like you're dating twins instead of a twin, which could be interesting but we won't go there. To make the third wheel situation a little more favorable, try turning it into a double date. For nights when it's just the three of you, interrupt their primordial closeness by physically putting yourself in the middle.

Step 3: Fatal Attraction

Face it. They're both hot. It's not wrong of you to be physically drawn to both of them. But your twin may not want you dabbling with his double. Put your imagination to work and next time the wrong twin starts putting the charm on, imagine he's Mr. Bean.

Step 4: Double Trouble

Some twins may think it's funny to play tricks on their significant other. Don't stand for any of this EVER. Secretly brand your beau with a without him knowing. Kiss his cheek while wearing that red lipstick. Then if he comes back without the mark, you'll know he's Tweedle-dum not Tweedle-dee.

In the end, count your blessings. Not too many people would complain about having double the pleasure, double the fun!