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How To De-Bone A Chicken

How To De-Bone A Chicken

Chris Godfrey, from Godfrey's Butchers, shows viewers how to de-bone a chicken. Just follow along this video and you'll have a boned chicken ready for stuffing.

Hi. Welcome to Godfrey's, one of the best butcher shops. Today I'm going to give you a small insight into little tips about meat that might make things a little clearer for you at home and might be a help to you.

How to de-bone a chicken? First thing you need is a very sharp knife. Then you need a chicken. That's the breast.

You want to put it upside-down, you want to go through the back really. You want to first go down the back of it, to the flesh, take your time, and keep your fingers. Just cut through the joints like that, like that, like that.

Then the top end, you got the legs there, there and there. What you want to do, just pop the joints like that. Pull the joints out, with the legs so that you can continue cutting around them, that long.

Now as you come around the front, you got the two supremes here, which are the breasts. Keep your knife towards the bone, you don't want to leave too much on the thing. Loosen it down, all the meat down to the breast bone.

Don't pull it yet. That bit should come away leaving you with that part there. With these parts here, you take off the wingtips through the joints, as you don't really need the bone anyway unless you have got a few hours to spare.

The wings you take out like that. Then you just pull it out like that. The last little joints are the leg bones.

Expose the first bone in the leg on both sides. Same on that side, expose the bone. Expose the knuckle joint there.

Clean it out like that. One boned chicken, ready for stuffing. That's how you de-bone a chicken. .