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How To Deal Blackjack

How To Deal Blackjack

Here are detailed instructions on how to deal black jack. It also includes information on how to tell who won the hand and what you should do in each situation.

So, the basics of black jack, quite simply a two card game - you want to make 21 as quick as possible. Say, we're playing with three players. A player's area would be called a box in a casino so you would deal one card each, to each box, and the dealer would get one, and you deal another card out each box and the dealer would show his top card, giving each player a decision based on the holding that they have.

Now, I'm showing a queen here, which is a 10, which makes it a pretty powerful situation forcing the players in each box to make a decision about their hand, whether they stick, whether they take a card, etcetera. So, I definitely want to go to each player's hand. Ten, deuce, he's going to take a card, making 12.

He's going to bust. Ace, four, he's got five all together or 15. He's going to take a card.

15. He's got to go because the queen's very powerful. He's going to end up with 21.

Very nice! 15, again, you've got to take a card. He busts. The dealer then shows after all three boxes have been shown.

16. In most casinos, you have to twist or take a card on 16 or less, so the dealer's going to have to take a card. He will take a king.

He would bust but these others bust before, so they lose. The 21 would win the money. So, if we look at box number one, he started with 12 with a dealer showing ten.

You've got to take a card. He busts. 22 - no good in this game.

21 - okay. This guy here, 21, is pretty much the winner unless the dealer gets black jack which is an ace and a picture card or a 10. So, 21's good there.

Box number three started with 15. Again, he has to take a card but with the dealer showing a queen, didn't have to take a card, could have stuck but, really, with a queen showing, you want to be taking a card. He did.

Took a seven and bust whereby as long as the dealer doesn't turn over an ace, then the 21 wins here. Just as you know, an ace is worth either one or 11 in black jack or Ponto. And that's how to deal black jack. .