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How To Deal With A Cramp In The Thigh

How To Deal With A Cramp In The Thigh

VideoJug shows you how to get fast relief from painful cramps. Learn how to stop the discomfort of exercise related muscle spasms with our expert advice and combat your cramp in the thigh.

Step 1: Lie down

As soon as you feel your thigh in spasm, lie down.

Step 2: Raise leg and straighten knee

Then to help relieve the cramp in the back of the thigh elevate the leg and straighten the knee. You can rest your leg against a wall if it makes it easier to hold the position.

Step 3: Bend your knee

If your cramp is in the front of your thigh, then bend your knee.

Step 4: Massage your thigh

Now with your leg supported against the wall or in a bent position, massage your thigh in a firm but comfortable manner using your fingers. Keep doing this until the pain eases.
If there is someone available to help massage your thigh, it may help ease the pain quicker.

If you suffer with recurring cramps, contact your doctor