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How To Deal With A Naughty Kid

How To Deal With A Naughty Kid

Here is a sure-fire way of getting your kids to do what you want with minimum hassle. Learn how to deal with a naughty kid in public with VideoJug, something many parents find hard to do!

Step 1: What Not To Do

First, here is an example of how not to get your kid to do what you want:

Daddy: Molly, put your coat on please

Molly ignores him

Daddy: Molly if you don't put your coat on you'll get cold
Molly: No I won't….

Daddy: Your mummy gave you that coat for your birthday, and she would want you to put it on.
Molly: No, actually she gave it to me for Christmas.

This Daddy is giving different reasons for putting the coat on each time, hoping that one will stick. This is a gift for a contrary kid. She can pick just one flaw in your argument - in this case that the coat was a Christmas, not a birthday present- and start an argument.

Step 2: What To Do

The less ammunition the kid has, the less they can argue. Instead try this:

Daddy: Put you coat on please, it's cold
Molly: No!
Daddy: Please put your coat on
Molly: No!
Daddy: Coat on!
Molly: No!
Daddy: Coat!
Molly: No!
Daddy: Coat!
Molly: Ohhh, Ok…..

Here, Daddy gave one solid reason, and then stuck to it. Then he used fewer and fewer words until the kid complied. He didn't need to get angry with the kid, just insistent, and there was nothing for her to argue about.

Step 3: Remember to say thank you

Always thank the child for doing what they were asked. Everyone likes to be thanked. If they have been extra specially good, buy them a hot chocolate, or give them a ride on your shoulders.