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How To Deal With An Infected Wisdom Tooth

How To Deal With An Infected Wisdom Tooth

How To Cure An Infected Wisdom Tooth: Infected wisdom teeth can be incredibly painful. Here's how you can cure an infected wisdom tooth without having to go to the dentist.

Hi, I'm Brian Halvorsen and I'm a dentist. I've been in practice for over thirty-five years and I've written a book about my principles on holistic dentistry. The book is called "Great Teeth for Life.

" In this video, I talk about infected wisdom teeth and what you can do. First thing I'd like to say, the wisdom teeth are at the very very back of the mouth and literally start to grow into the mouth at normally about seventeen - eighteen years old. They're a throwback to Stone Age man when the rest of the teeth used to wear down and there was room for them to grow.

In most modern jaws, there's actually not enough room for them to grow and so what often happens is they grow halfway through and then the gum gets inflamed and unfortunately an infection. This could be extremely painful followed with fat faces and unfortunately, normally occurs especially with students and possibly students at university. Now the name wisdom tooth actually is not because it's a particularly wise tooth, it's because you know, when the name was first thought about it actually occurred at a time when it was regarded as being at our wisest - possibly at seventeen, eighteen which is, I think by today's standard, a little bit debateable.

Now an infected wisdom tooth can be very very serious and the first line of treatment if the gum feels sore, it isn't actually the tooth that's actually the thing that gets infected, it's the gum around the tooth and the jawbone underneath the wisdom tooth. The tooth itself is often perfectly sound, and there isn't any decay there it's simply the gum that's got infected. It is such a difficult area to clean but if you can, if you have wisdom teeth coming through or you know somebody who has a problem the first thing, as they're coming through, even if they're not giving any trouble make sure you brush the gum in and around and on top of the wisdom tooth.

This helps to remove any bacterial plaque. If this doesn't work the next thing to do is to brush but also to actually use a good old-fashioned remedy and that is to make up some very concentrated warm salty water. Now, it is important to make it as concentrated as possible.

How you do this is possibly by taking an eggcup or, say, a whisky tumbler, a small container and actually fill it with hot water. Pour in the salt, doesn't actually matter what sort of salt; sea salt, table salt, doesn't matter. It's the Sodium Chloride and just keep stirring it until you literally cannot get any more salt to dissolve.

Why a small container? Well you don't really want a mouthful of salt over the whole lot. So say, for example, it's this wisdom tooth here that's giving trouble. Pour it in, lean over that way and then just sort of blow your cheek so you're irritate - irrigating the actual area that you want to.

Do this for about a minute. Now, the reason why it's important is the fact it allows the salt acts as a local disinfectant but more importantly the - there's a process called osmosis where the fact the concentrated salt draws out the fluid which is actually causing, frankly, the discomfort. It's often not just infection, it can just be just inflammation in the gum tissue.

This hopefully will remedy most cases of infected wisdom teeth. If it doesn't, I'm afraid it's the next step or stop is actually visit the dentist and often he will assess the situation, you may need a systemic antibiotic to get rid of the pain and the swelling and then there's the decision made if in fact the wisdom teeth should remain in your mouth or actually be removed. And this is something you often need to have a discussion with your dentist about.

I'm hoping that these tips will help you.Thank you. .