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How To Deal With Ants

How To Deal With Ants

How to identify, eliminate and prevent ants in your house, office, or bedroom. Follow these expert tips to diminish ants from your personal property.


To be honest, if you've got ants in or around your house, you'll know all about it.

But if you want to check just leave a morsel of food out on the ground and see what happens.

The Common Black Ant is the one you are most likely to see in your house and garden. It is about 15 millimetres in length, and lives in a nest, usually outside the home. Normally, the nest contains one queen ant, and thousands of worker ants.

These ants will search for, and collect food, to feed the queen, and the larvae in the nest. The larvae are tiny, white grubs, which soon grow into ants. So, it is easy to get infested with ants quickly.

ants communicate with each other, and when they have found food this can result in a large number of ants heading for the food source.

and they are strong, some ants can carry up to 100 times their own weight.

Ants will burrow into the gaps between bricks and tiles to build their nests. This will damage the structure of your house.

Check around your house and garden to see whether you have an ant problem.


Ant insecicididal sprays are very efficient short term method of eliminating ants.

Spray directly on ants or on their nest

There are numerous brands on the market and they are both easy to use and effective

Any ant coming into contact with the spray will be killed and it will protect the area you have sprayed for several days.


For longer term results try ant insecticidal bait.

The kit normally includes some poison bait

and a ‘station' to put it in.

to use this system remove the lid of the station and add a small amount of bait

replace the lid

and position the station on or near an ants nest.

The ants will eat the bait and take it in to their nest where it is shared with the rest of the colony.

Change the bait daily until all ant activity ceases usually after 7 to 10 days.


The third method we are going to try is ant killer powder.

There are many different brands on the market and it's easy to use.

Simply spray the powder on or around the ant nest or any area where you have seen ants.

The powder contains an insect poison which is long lasting and can provide up to 6 months control.

Take care not to apply this powder to areas where food or feed is stored, prepared or eaten.

With any treatment that uses chemicals it is very important to read the safety instructions carefully. They are there to protect you, your family and your pets.

and remember to wash your hands thoroughly after using any of these chemical based treatments.


If you don't want to use chemicals or haven't got any of these products you can eliminate ants using boiling water.

All you need is a kettle however be careful because

boiling water can cause severe scalds and burns.

Simply apply the water directly onto the nest allowing the hot liquid to permeate the

surface thoroughly. This will eliminate any ants instantly but you may need to repeat this process several times.


Mend any dripping taps or water leaks, Ants love a drink so don't give them a free one.

don't store logs near the house, these make a perfect hiding place for little beasties

clean up after cooking, don't leave breakfast out for the ants

ants have a phenomenal sense of smell so store food in airtight containers

after eating outside make sure you don't leave food out for the ants

even if the ants don't eat it they might walk on it and then walk all over you house so

clear up any dog or cat mess

make it hard for ants to enter your house, fill any cracks or holes around the house with filler or cement.

and repair any damage they have caused to gr