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How To Decorate A Bedroom

How To Decorate A Bedroom

Transform your master bedroom into a warm haven with this design advice.

Hi, I'm Adrienne Chinn. I'm an interior designer based in London, England. Today, I'm going to talk to you about an aspect of interior design.

Today, we're going to look at the master bedroom. Master bedroom is obviously one of the key rooms in a house. You spend an awful lot of time in it.

I do quite like using neutrals or warm green tones, things like that in a master bedroom, and not too green, it's kind of a very warm soft green so it's almost a neutral colour and that's what I'm going to use in this particular scheme. Now here, what I've done is I've started with floor, a walnut floor in this case. Assuming that not everyone wants carpets in their bedrooms, so let's do a nice warm walnut which is a nice colour in a bedroom because it's immediately warm rather than a light maple which is, I think ,better to have in a family room or something which you want it much lighter.

Alternatively, if you do want a carpet in the bedroom, I've got these velvet carpets and they have a lot of different colored tones so you could easily pick out one of the light warm green colours or one of the neutral colours for your carpet. A way you can use a carpet like this, a velvet in a new way, is try to treat it like a rug so you could have your wood floor and choose a central area of this rug and just find the edges. It's just another idea.

So from this, I have chosen a wall colour and I'm going with this soft olive-y type of green and I'm doing a very warm white as the border colour. And from this, I'm going to do a curtain in a tone. This is a very nice woven silk and this has got a paisley design and this gives us a very nice bricky red colour that you can bring in as an accent.

If you bring in reds in bedrooms, I tend to like to make them quite a warm red rather than a vibrant red. If you have too much vibrant red in the bedroom, it can be a bit hard to subtle down. There is such vibrant colour that kind of keeps you awake a bit, so this is a very soft bricky red and if that is on some lovely curtains, I've got this very ncie sheer to go under it to soften the windows and it brings in that element of soft light as well to keep things from getting too dark and it tones with your woodwork colour quite well.

From that, I've got cushions on the bed. I'm assuming that the bed is going to have a white cover on it to keep the bed light. This is a cushion that I found which would work, which has got a red background to it and it's got this olive-y green face fabric with a little bit of a red floral motif.

I found that out and about in my searches and I felt that would work perfectly well in this particular scheme as a cushion on the bed. We've got some nice cushions in this brick red silk and this very soft light golden olive satin on the bed. Now, this is something that people would think a bit more on, I think.

It's a lampshade. Lampshades don't always have to be white or cream. Here, I've chosen this very nice olive silk fabric for lampshades on the side of the bed and that's going with the whole scheme.

And finally, what I've got over here is a fabric. This is a printed velvet, and again, it brings in your whole colour story and that could be quite fun on a chair in the room. And finally, a nice thing that I've done for this particular scheme, I've come up with a feature wallpaper that I've worked on for the client I've billed to myself and this is something you can do.

You can find some images in book and magazines and you can go search the internet for local places that do wallpaper printing and you can work out a custom made design. So in this story, I've done a wallpaper design for the feature wall. And here you have a very nice calming scheme for a lovely bedroom in your home.

If you want some further information or some ideas about interiors, you might want to have a look at my book which is called The Home Decorator's Colour and Texture Sourcebook. You can buy that on my website at www.adriennechinn.co.uk