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How To Decorate A Boys Bedroom

How To Decorate A Boys Bedroom

This video looks at some materials in designing a little boy's room which doesn't go out of date.

Hi, I'm Adrienne Chinn. I'm an interior designer based in London, England. Today, I'm going to talk to you about an aspect of interior design.

Today, we're going to look at a boy's room. Now, blue is the traditional colour for a boy's room and I'm not going to deviate from that. It works very well.

Boys do tend to like blues so I'm going to go with that. But what I do like to do for children's rooms is to take an idea, a simple theme that I don't tend to go into whole hog or do jungle rooms or circus rooms or things like that, I tend to take a simple theme and work it through in a way that is fun for the child and they can bring their own creativity to the room with their toys and things like that. I also do tend to like to put something on the wall, an area of blackboard paint, for children to be able to play with.

They love that idea so it's just a little tip that works very well whenever I've used it. Just put some blackboard paint on a part of the wall. Now in this boy's room, what I've done is I've found a very simple wallpaper with outlines of cars and vans and things like that so it gives a nice starting point for a boy's room without overwhelming the room.

And then what I would probably do is because it's quite a simple wallpaper, I would probably put that everywhere in the room instead of just using it as an accent to the wall although you could use that as an accent wallpaper for one wall. If you did that, what I would do just to liven it up a bit is perhaps use a toning blue colour on the other walls so just look at a paint palette. You can go to your local DIY, your do-it-yourself place, and they all have paint cards usually not on the stand but you can pick them up and just bring in your wallpaper sample and just see which blues tend to work best with the blue in the wallpaper.

I generally get a sample pot of two or three and try them out on the wall to make sure that they tone really well or if I don't put them on the wall, I put them on a piece of card so that I can move the card around the room and see how the colour works in different lights. In children's rooms, it's very important to use very wipeable wallpaper or wipeable paint. A lot of manufacturers have special paints now which are meant to be hardwearing and wipeable for places like kitchens, bathrooms and children's rooms.

So, always be sure you have a very wipeable material on the walls. So, assuming that we've got this on the walls, I like to have carpets in bedrooms because people are always running around in bare feet no matter what age you are and children do tend to play a lot on the floor so it's much nicer if there's a carpet on the floor. But this is quite a tough woven rug.

This is the wool rug. This would be a wall-to-wall carpet and I've chosen a neutral gray so that that can go through years really as the child grows older. It's not something that will date just as the child turns into a teenager.

The windows in a child's room are placed where I often like to use a pattern fabric. It gives a little bit of liveliness to the room and here, I've chosen this one which is blue. It's contemporary and what I've also liked about it is it has this accent lime green which really livens up the blue story that we're working with.

So if I had that on some roman blinds, what I might do is have some white plantation shutters on the windows underneath the blinds and that would look very nice combined with that. If we have that as your blinds, then what that does with that accent green, it gives us an accent colour so I would bring that colour out in some cushions in the room and then this is just a fun little fabric which relates to the type of motif we've got going on there. It brings out the blue so I'd probably use that on some cushions as well.

For the bed, if you have an upholstered headboard, what I would probably do is choose something which is a nice stripe. It's neutral in a way. Stripes are, I consider neutrals in a room.