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How To Decorate A Christmas Table

How To Decorate A Christmas Table

Christmas is the perfect time of year to be extravagant and it's all about decorations. This unique video will show you a range of examples of how to decorate your Christmas table to make it an incredibly special occasion.

I'm going to show you how to decorate the perfect Christmas table. So, obviously, one of the first things you need to start off with is your linen. Here, we've got a beautiful white crushed velvet, again, a really deep burgundy works really well, or if you wanted to use something kind of more edgy, you could almost go for a black and silver look.

This is quite traditional in style. What we're going for here, as we've got a long table, it's actually quite nice to put something down the centre of the table. So we've got this fantastic berry garland, which you can literally just wind down.

If you want to do something really, really simple, again, you could just get some tea lights in frosted glass holders, and just literally dab them throughout the centre of the table. Alternatively, at Theme Traders, we have got a fantastic range of candelabra which look perfect whether you've got a long table, round table, whether it's silver, gold, ornate, floor standing, you can literally pop them all the way down. So, you have your candelabra set up throughout the space, and then what you want to do is actually start with the place settings.

Here, we've chosen some really nice pewter charger plates, so literally we have three along here and then you have your alternative settings. Obviously, this is the more traditional one, but then again, if you want something to be a little bit more relaxed and not so formal, you can set them up with knives and forks on there. Or alternatively, if you're having different courses and require different types of cutlery, you can always do it in that style, too.

Now, as it's a Christmas table, one thing that we can't forget, and that is our crackers. Again, you can put them any which way you want, sometimes people prefer to put them at the top, sometimes you might want them at the side and there you have it. A long table, as I said, just to recap, always works really well if you've got something down the middle of it.

Again, if you've got a round table, maybe something more ornate like a candelabra or a tall table centre would work fantastically. It's just getting the right type of colours, feels and overall look, making sure you have the perfect setting for that Christmas dinner. .