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How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

Aside from the traditional Christmas decorations, artificial flowers look equally great on our trees as well. Now, it's time to light up our Christmas trees with the setup in this video.

Hi, my name is Alexandra Lyons and I'm a master florist. I create floral displays for celebrity homes, events, weddings and special occasions. I'm going to share some tips with you on flower arranging.

I've already put the lights on the tree so I'm going to start by using this by placing that around like a nice sumptuous Christmas tree it is, and then the next one, up a little, so between each set of branches. As you see now, I've placed the feather rose on. I'm just going to add some flowers.

Okay, flowers fill up really nicely. You don't need so many and we start off by placing some through the middle at the top. This is in place of a tree topper or an angel or a fairy.

There we go. And then, I'm going to place some artificial poinsettias that already got Christmas decorations on. I'm just going through the stem of the tree.

The idea, really, is to completely cover this tree so you really don't want to see too many branches. Some of these, I'm going to pluck and place on. A nice lily at the top here, place that in the top.

When I do a Christmas tree, I stick to one colour completely so there's no gold or silver in this. It's all read. It makes a much better impact when you only the find the red or silver on or white or something.

This will give you a better wow factor when people come around here. You can coordinate the presents underneath as well. I'm just going to place some bur balls on.

These I've just made into a shaped hook. You can also use paper clips which are really good, and that's it, you just keep adding as many bur balls as you wish. How's it looking? Here we go, nearly done, we have one more.

And that's how you decorate a Christmas tree. .