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How To Decorate A Girls Room

How To Decorate A Girls Room

Pretty in pink and all other thoughts you can put into a little girl's room.

Hi, I'm Adrienne Chinn. I'm an interior designer based in London, England. Today, I'm going to talk to you about an aspect of interior design.

Today, we're going to do a girl's room. Now, I know when I was a girl, I loved pink and I love ballerinas and I don't think girls have changed that much. I've just done a pink ballerina bedroom for a little girl.

So, I've chosen a theme for this, pink ballerinas. So, there's a lot out there for little girls rooms that's very nice. I like not to go overboard with the theme, just have a bit of an idea and build it out with other fabrics.

I don't tend to do quite big circus themes or jungle themes on bedrooms because children grow up very quickly and all that dates very quickly, so I like to take in a small element of the theme and then build the room around that. So here, what I've chosen is this pretty, nice and simple so it would be very light in the room, it's a ballerina designed wallpaper and you can either do the whole room in this wallpaper or what I think I would do is I do a feature wall behind the bed in that wallpaper and then I would either wallpaper the other walls in this pink wallpaper or I would paint the other walls in a pink colour that would go with the ballerina drawing and then that just adds a really lovely pink room that little girls do tend to love. Now, I found this pretty ballerina fabric which can be used on curtains or roman blind, and what I might do in a room like this is have white plantation shutters over the bottom half of the windows and maybe use this as roman blind or some short curtains on either side of the shutters that make it quite pretty.

The shutters are practical as well for keeping a bit of privacy in the room when the girl is sleeping or studying or anything like that. That cuts out the dark light so that then works with our ballerina wallpaper. Now, in a wallpaper, we have a little heart motif and it's nice to really look at what motifs are in things like wallpapers because you can bring that out as an accent fabric in the room.

So, I found a little heart fabric which can then go perhaps on a bedspread or it can be cushions, so you start bringing another little element into the design. So, you've got the ballerinas now and your hearts as well. Then, I would do is probably pick out some tones of the pink that you've got here in the ballet dancer, her skirt and her tights, and use those as some nice little cushions on the bed.

We're just trying to bring in a nice pink story together. Remember you've got your pink walls and then perhaps if there's a little chair in the room or something, another piece of furniture from the room, I might choose something, this is quite a tough cotton woven fabric but again it has that lovely rich pink colour. If you choose a piece of furniture that might follow the little girl through her growing up life, then you might upholster a chair or a little sofa or something in this fabric and then that can follow in through her teenage room.

Then, what I would do is look at the carpet in the room. I do like to use carpets in bedrooms. It's a lot warmer on the foot and children are always barefoot in the rooms.

They like playing on the floors so a carpet is extremely practical, and this is just a nice, what we call a velvet carpet, very nice and soft on the foot. I would choose a neutral colour, and looking at all these colours and looking at these, this neutral here has a hint of pinkishness in it so I would probably choose something like that which is just a very neutral carpet on the floor. And then, what I would do is just put in all her toys, all her stuffed animals and let her get on with living in her room.

I do also like, if possible, to put a bit of a blackboard paint on the wall because children love to write on walls to give her a place to be creative and then she should be quite happy in her ballerina room until she becomes a teenager. If you want some further information or some ideas about