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How To Decorate A Living Room

How To Decorate A Living Room

This video talks about an elegant living room design idea to give you and your guests a warm and welcoming space.

There's a general rule of thumb about what to look for when designing a living room and then you can put together a scheme for an elegant living room based on neutrals with a little bit of a dark red accent colour. Most people usually keep one or two items when they start decorating with existing furniture or decorating anew. It's very important to consider what colour of wood that is or if it's lacquered or painted because that will have an effect on what colours you choose for your living room scheme.

Base it on a neutral and give it a little bit of lift is to put in an accent colour. Generally, start with a floor. For this particular scheme, choose a lovely white-washed white-oiled oak floor, an engineered floor so you could put in underfloor heating.

An engineered floor has a solid piece of wood on the top and several layers of thinner pieces underneath and it's all held together with another piece of wood at the bottom so it will not move with any kind of heat underneath it. If you use a solid wood floor and put underfloor heating underneath it, because the grain goes right through the wood, the wood would start to fold up when the heat is under the floor. The curtain fabric here is made of warm gray tones and this is very easy to work with in an interior.

Gray won't make the interior look drab or anything, it's a very easy colour to live with. Nice warm reds and a little bit of sandy gold colour go in there which give us some colours to work with for accents. Have that underneath the curtain for elegance.

An off-white colour sheer could go with this line and the fabric and it just lightens up the curtain colour and filters the light nicely through the window. Pick a solid colour on the sofa quite often. A chenille fabric would be very tough and it's comfortable as well, so that would be your sofa.

To lighten up the sofa, put some lovely cushions on it, bringing out the tones that are in the curtain. We've got the sandy gold, the grays, a bit of warm red, a bit of silvery white, and that's a different pattern from the stripe which adds interest into the room on an unexpected quality and just gives it a bit more of a contemporary look. Have some nice cushions in lovely satin which would sit very nicely.

To add another bit of liveliness, have a floral motif. But again, bring out the colour tones we're working with. For some chairs, have an accent chair that then brings the pattern design into it so that provides a link in the room and that livens up again your neutral sofa.

What your eye needs to do in a room, what it wants to do is to find links. If you've got this red as your accent, the eye will go around the room looking for links to that red colour and that helps pull the room together. Find a beautiful tieback that has all the lovely colours.

And finally, if you've got your wood floor, why not put a really plush rug on it that warms everything up. A lovely silk tufted rug and this would be your accent on top of your wooden floor to make this really luxurious living room scheme. So, that's how you could approach working on a living room scheme. .