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How To Decorate A Small Bedroom

How To Decorate A Small Bedroom

Make the most out of a small bedroom with this calming decorating scheme.

Hi, I'm Adrienne Chinn. I'm an interior designer based in London, England. Today, I'm going to talk to you about an aspect of interior design.

Today, we're going to decorate a small bedroom and in this case, I decided we're going to make it a guest bedroom. So, this is the extra bedroom you have on the house that you use when people come to stay and what we're going to do here is make such a nice room that they probably won't want to leave either. I'm starting this scheme with this very pretty vibrant fabric for curtains in the room and there are some lovely colours there to pick out in the room in the scheme.

We've got the calming greens. Green is a lovely colour in a bedroom, it's very soothing and I think it's quite an ideal choice. I quite often would like to use bluey greens in bedrooms because again, they're very pretty and they're calming in the room.

So, this scheme is going to have a little bit of the bluey green in it which we've also got in the fabric in some of the tonal areas, okay. So, we've got our curtains in this which are very vibrant so we're going to calm the rest of the room down a bit. I'm going to pick one of these nice soft greens to be the wall colour.

So, I would go to my local DIY place or hardware store, paint shop, and look at their colored chits and pull out colored chits that look like they have the right type of colour. There you go. This one I think I've flagged here which is a very soft green colour and that would just be very lovely soft colour for the background of the walls.

I would do all the woodwork and a really fresh white to go with the white fabric here to keep it nice and fresh, and very nice maybe to have white wooden venetian blinds or white Parisian shutters on the windows as well. It gives a quite good contemporary look. And on the floor, I love carpets in bedrooms.

So here, I've chosen a light colored natural-weave wool carpet. It's not white. It's kind of an off-white colour so it should work fine in a small room.

I wouldn't put it in a major bedroom where you use in all the time but in a room that's used once in a while, I think that would be absolutely fine, so we've got that and that keeps the room light. And here, we have a very pretty bed linen which follows the floral patter we've got in the curtains and that brings in a little element of the blue as an accent. So, that looks very nice with these curtains.

Now, a really unexpected thing I'm going to do here which might surprise you, this is a black and white silk which I think would look fantastic as a holstered headboard in this room and what this black and white silk does is it cuts the sweetness of the flowers and really add an element of surprise in the room. It has a bit of a French feel if you do this. This is quite something that the French often do on their upholstery beds.

Just do them in a stripe like that. So let's do our upholstered bed in this stripe. Then, I would put a couple of pretty cushions on the bed that bring out these pretty soft greens and pinks, and if you have any chairs or sofas or anything in the room, I've done them in a white linen which keeps it nice and fresh and then put a cushion on it in the same fabric as your curtains which ties everything together.

And finally for an unexpected touch which I think are great fun, these are decals which you pull off and you stick directly to the wall and you do it, yes, like that, and this is a flat fabric. It's quite velvet and you can stick that anywhere on your wall as a decorative element and that ties in with your whole floral theme and it's just quite a pretty touch. If you want some further information or some ideas about interiors, you might want to have a look at my book which is called The Home Decorator's Colour and Texture Sourcebook.

You can buy that on my website at www.adriennechinn.co.uk